C o n t r a c t   B u l l   B r e e d i n g   P r o g r a m . . .

With the addition of new elite donors, we have evolved our ET program to capitalize on the genetics within our herd to better serve our valued customers. We have expanded our ET Program through our own recips and having cooperater herds available for fall and spring calves. What this will do for our program is to better serve our commercial customers.

The goal with this expansion is to offer a Contract Breeding Program with our commercial clients. Finally, you the commercial producer will have the opportunity to sit down and tell us what bulls you want to buy. We will have the ability to be able to plan and mate full brothers or half brothers bred the way you want out of the elite donors in the breed. Just think you will finally have the opportunity to buy bulls bred how you want in years of advance. We want to help you make money and build a cowherd that will be functional and efficient especially with today’s high feed costs. If you want efficient, performing, maternal genetics here they are. We will strive to make your operation as profitable as we can! If your interested in taking the guess work out of buying bulls every year and you want a consistent product let us know how we can help.


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